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To update our Meta Mining program.
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What is Metapuss?

The meeting point for AI creators, NFT collectors and Cat lovers

We believe that the future of NFTs is intertwined with the world of AI and metaverse gaming. Imagine exploring our Metaverse and stumbling upon an NFT that unlocks a secret area, or a rare NFT that grants you special abilities within the game. With our Catverse, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're a seasoned collector, an aspiring creator, or simply a fan of all things feline, there's something for everyone in our NFT marketplace and Cat Metaverse.

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AI NFT Marketplace

AI-powered valuations: Automatically value NFTs based on various factors such as rarity, demand, and market trends, help buyers and sellers better understand the value of the NFTs they are trading.


Personalized recommendations: Use AI to analyze a user's trading history and preferences to provide personalized NFT recommendations. 


Automated bidding and selling: Automated bidding and selling options, allowing users to set certain parameters and then let the AI handle the rest. This would streamline the trading process and save users time.

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Liquid Mining

Earn daily reward up of 2.4 $MTP by visiting and claiming

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Refer to Earn

You will earn up 18% refferal commision rewards

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Free of Tax

Buy or Sell $MTP will not trigger any tax or fee

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